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The SLM ‎– Death Jurassic

The SLM ‎– Death Jurassic
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The SLM ‎– Death Jurassic
Référence : THESLM1
- Face A :
A1 Atoll Incident
A2 Here Comes The Raptor
A3 Terrodactyll
A4 Off At The Wrist
A5 Terrorsaurs
A6 Turtle Shark
A7 Sword Of The Dragon
- Face B :
B1 My Name Is Quint
B2 Zombie Shark
B3 Terror Of The Shredder
B4 Attack Of The Mousers
B5 Burn The Bodies
B6 In The Head Of A Zombie
B7 Not A Good Day To Be Alive
B8 Return Of Zombie Shark
B9 Buried And Forgotten
- Labels : Autonomonster Records ‎– Charlie's Big Ray Gun Records ‎– Smegma Records ‎– Angry Scenes Records ‎– Shatter Punk Distro ‎– Food Waste ‎– Loud! Noises!
- References : AMR010 ‎– CBGR011 ‎– smeg021 ‎– ASR026
- Année : 2016
- Etat pochette/disque : M/M
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