RUSTY KNIFE is an association law 1901, non-profit and non-subsidized, actor of the punk scene - oi! antifascist since 2008.
The association is above all a label whose leitmotiv is "internationalist label". Since the music is universal, and our ears get along on everything we've done around the globe (!), The label's productions are now indicated on our listening and our musical tastes.
But the association is also a version several times of records of punk rock styles.
By buying in our online store, you maintain this scene and allow us to produce new records.
Still hot !!!
Listed label, here are the next releases:

* rusty knife records 83: NO MAN'S LAND "oi! against racism" A new 4 tracks ep for the kings of the Indonesian oi!. Although the band has been dead since 2017, they asked us to release these 4 unreleased tracks, which we will be happy to do in november 2019. PREORDERS ARE OPENED

* rusty knife records 84: HOMEBOYS THE GANG was a band from Lyon who performed in the early 90s and played a mix of punk rock and reggae. Some members later formed LES PARTISANS that no longer presents. 9 titles were recorded at this time and an album was planned at DIVISION NADA (MOLODOI - BANLIEUE ROUGE - KLASSE KRIMINALE ...); but the label had to stop just before. Today and 25 years later, RUSTY KNIFE has planned to dust you all that out and release these LP vinyl titles. And since we like to do things right, we'll try to get you out with some goodies, like the PARIAPUNK album.

* rusty knife records 85: Oi! LE MORS AUX DENTS Perhaps you dreamed of it? What? you do not know this darkest french oi! band ? Well RUSTY KNIFE co-produced with a Basque label, and with the complicity of a former member of the group will get you all that vinyl! More information as soon as possible :)

* rusty knife records 86: CONTINGENT ANONYME vs a group to set "Oi! it's a world invasion vol 4 "I restart the series of splits oi! / streetpunk between two bands of different regions of the world, but vinyl this time. This time it is the Remois of CONTINGENT ANONYME who stick to it with 2 indecencies. The group of the face B remains to be defined but will be without any doubt a group of Indonesia, country where the scene streetpunk / oi! is hyper active.

* rusty knife records 87: THE MACHINIST "st" The 3rd ep of the punk rock band from Lyon will be released again at Rusty Knife, but posthumously this time, for two new punk rock songs.

* rusty knife records 88: DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE "Jetzt Kommen Die Jahre" For this 88th production, our focus is once again on German punk rock with a vinyl reissue of this 2010 album, by the oldest German punk band still in operation (since 1985 anyway!)

* rusty knife records 89: THE ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND "s/t" You probably already know my attachment to Asia and its punk rock scenes, in a broad sense. It is therefore quite natural that we will release the new album of our Philippins's friends (still in the label since almost the beginning with a split ep and a split lp). IOD is one of the first punk band there and its "leader" Francis, a multi-activist relentless for his scene (fanzines, concerts, bands...). The format is under discussion (vinyl or cassette).
NO MAN'S LAND Oi against racism