RUSTY KNIFE is an association law 1901, non-profit and non-subsidized, actor of the punk scene - oi! antifascist since 2008.
The association is above all a label whose leitmotiv is "internationalist label". Since the music is universal, and our ears get along on everything we've done around the globe (!), The label's productions are now indicated on our listening and our musical tastes.
But the association is also a version several times of records of punk rock styles.
By buying in our online store, you maintain this scene and allow us to produce new records.
Listed label, here are the next releases:

* rusty knife records 75: THE UNBORN "apoi! caplypse" new ep. Reminder of the (facts): behind The Shape, The Fog, the Blob, The Fiend and The Ghoul are in fact hiding the members of RAZZAPPARTE but in a style mixing oi! and hard rock and on themes of songs around horror movies with a strong social and political message. The cover has been designed by Giorggio SANTICCI, Italian master in the art of comics. A beautiful object in preparation!

* rusty knife records 77: LES PARTISANS "les lendemains qui dansent" Reissue of this epic hinge of the PARTISANS, the one who opens the voice on their musical style more swing / soul / rock. As for previous reissues, the pieces were entitled to a new master and the reworked cover.

* rusty knife records 78: LES PARTISANS "rêves d'enfance" Reissue of the last ep of the group before their separation. As for previous reissues, the pieces were entitled to a new master and the reworked cover.

* rusty knife records 80: LA THEORY DU BOXON Out of their lethargy, the band became a duo again, we are preparing a new vinyl album with a big musical shift towards the French 90's punk rock. Exit punk hxc and anarkopunk. And even if the spirit remains the same, these new titles have absolutely nothing to do with THE THEORY OF BOXING that you already knew: the songs are sung! We are waiting for this impatiently ....

* rusty knife records 81: CONTINGENT ANONYME The Reims are quite productive in recent months and we are preparing a new ep 4 tracks in the direct line of those recorded for the split with NO MAN'S LAND. The cover (in miniature opposite) is still signed by Paskal Millet. Another skeud that will tear everything and that we are waiting here impatiently.

* rusty knife records 82: PARIAPUNK Come on, let loose the info, it was in discussion for several months, we will release you the reissue of the titles of Lyon anarkopunks PARIAPUNK LP, a group that existed between 1986 and 1988. Only one ep to their credit (released after the separation of the group!) and some titles in demo k7. 13 titles in total which had been reissued in 1997 on cd by Yann Boislève and his label. These two productions are now quite hard to find, so we will release these 13 titles in remastered version, on vinyl in two versions color: white (200 copies) and black (100 copies). The disc will be accompanied by some goodies: a poster, a postcard, a sticker and a badge. The back of the cover will include some unpublished photos of the band members. A fucking object for any self-respecting French punk fan