Roy Ellis Mr. Symarip

Roy Ellis Mr. Symarip
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Roy Ellis Mr. Symarip
Referencia : ROYELLIS2
- Cara A :
A1 One Way Ticket To The Moon
A2 The Boss Is Back
A3 The Skinheads Laugh At Me
A4 Everyday You Got Me Crying
A5 I Won't Let Go Your Love
A6 The Incredible Things You Do
- Cara B :
B1 She Called Me Up
B2 The Rose
B3 Skinhead Johney & Susy
B4 She Surely Pick Me Up
B5 I've Got The Music
B6 What A Nice Time
- Etiqueta : Liquidator Music
- Referencia : LQ046
- Ano : 2016
- Estado de la bolsa/del disco : M/M
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