The Brains Of Humans ‎– Confrontation

The Brains Of Humans ‎– Confrontation
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The Brains Of Humans ‎– Confrontation
Referencia : THEBRAIN1
Candle Side
A1 Endless Blockade For Music 2:05
A2 Vietnam 3:15
A3 A. P. L. L. E. 4:41
A4 Vive Le Brains! 2:35
A5 Telling Jokes Selling Hopes 2:39
A6 A Few Things To Do The Day After 2:44
A7 U. S. A. Shuttle 3:05
RIP Side
B1 Confrontation 4:35
B2 The Place Where An Animal Died 3:12
B3 The Forgotten Luck 3:19
B4 N. A. (Fuck Off And Fucking Die !!!) 3:23
B5 Freiheit 3:00
B6 Banned Blockade 1:52
B7 The Flight Of The Peace Pigeon 0:32
- Etiqueta : Resistance Productions
- Referencia : RIP 134
- Ano : 2021
- Estado de la bolsa/del disco : NM/NM
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2022-12-31 12.00 12.00
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