Turtle Rage – Early Years

Turtle Rage – Early Years
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Turtle Rage – Early Years
Référence : TURTLERAG4
- Face A :
A1 Hard As Hell
A2 My Downfall
A3 No Way Out
A4 No One To Follow
A5 Next Stop Hospital
A6 My First Love
A7 Disturbed Freedom
A8 Sick Of You
A9 Senseless Violence
A10 Unsuccessfull Thoughts
A11 Pedants Place
A12 Royal Punk - Royal Spit On You!
A13 Leben Verboten
A14 Would Rather Go To Jail
A15 Kiezstasi - Die Gier Am Elend
A16 What`s Your Point
A17 Yound And Independent
A18 To The Bones
A19 D-fens
A20 Existence
A21 Living The Good Life
A22 Community Wounded Syringe
A23 You`re Not Cool
A24 Work Sucks
A25 Loving Life Since 87
A26 Taste Of Freedom - Places I Know
A27 Modern Stalking
A28 Skate That Fucking Shit
A29 Disrespected Boarders
A30 Lines Of Life And Peace
A31 Be Yourself
A32 Look At Me - I`m Great
A33 Thrash Attack
- Face B :
B1 Intro
B2 Schockstarre
B3 Sold Life Selfie
B4 Wer Nichts Kann Macht Andere Dafür Verantwortlich
B5 One Man Show
B6 Tv Skills
B7 Stadt Der Ignoranz
B8 Das Haus Bricht
B9 You`re Lived
B10 Abuse Behind The Curtain
B11 Lost In Place
B12 Ich Kann Nicht
B13 Symphony Of Love
B14 Mental Sunday
B15 What The Fuck
B16 Assi Im Trikot
B17 Relapse
B18 Beachtime Violence
B19 Intro
B20 World Of Plastic
B21 Generation Gewalt
B22 Never Wanna Grow Up
B23 Knall Im Jobcenter
B24 Paid Freeride
B25 Lazy Life
B26 It's Ok
B27 Der Einsiedler
B28 New Star`s Born
B29 Thrash Attack (Re-recorded)
- Label : Incredible Noise Records
- Reference : INR030
- Année : 2022
- Etat pochette/disque : M/M
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2024-12-31 15.00 15,00
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