Visions Of War ‎– Swine Parade

Visions Of War ‎– Swine Parade
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Visions Of War ‎– Swine Parade
Referencia : VISIONSO
- Titulos :
Shit Parade
Bury The Confusion
Time To Pierce
Wave Of Hate
Dra At Helvete
Collapse Into The Grave
Doom And Gloom
Found And Emptied
Lift The Lot
King Of Swines
King Of Swines
Black Bile
Inner Colony
A New Reign
Dividing Lines
Naive Emphaty
Chemical Breed
Headstone Home
Worldwide Asylum
Off The Road
Give Me Fire
- Etiquetas : Apathy Never ‎– Power It Up ‎– Deviance
- Referencias : AN #02 ‎– P.I.U. #216
- Ano : 2014
- Estado de la bolsa/del disco : M/M
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